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Providing gardening services with utmost precision to effectively improve and upkeep any lawn or garden project, requires time and dedication. Our trained industry professionals add an expert touch of maintenance to your lawn and garden and make them lush and beautiful looking irrespective of the season. We first listen to your needs before preparing and providing a thorough experience-driven plan for treating your garden. You may then totally rely on us to maintain the beauty of your space. Our working standards cover the following specialized facets, for instance:

Garden Maintenance

Lawn Mowing


Lawn Aeration & Coring

Lawn Care & Weed Control


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Honest, Reliable and Friendly Garden Services in Toronto

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Our complete garden maintenance packages are designed to ensure that your garden looks great and is healthy all year round. After discussing your needs we will tailor the maintenance package to suit your requirements.

Let’s face it, lawn mowing is probably the least enjoyable of all garden jobs, so why not put your feet up and let the garden spec team mow your lawn for you? You can choose from one-off mowing or regular ongoing mowing.

 In addition to mowing, we also offer a comprehensive lawn care program that includes weed and pest control, organic fertilising, and soil conditioning. 

To give your soil and lawn the best opportunity to stay healthy we provide an aeration and coring service. This involves perforating the soil so that water, air, and nutrients can nourish your grass’s roots making them stronger and deeper which in turn thickens your lawn.

 Many of our clients in Perth love this service as it removes the excess thatch that can occur on a lawn. Vertimowing means your lawn needs less watering, less fertiliser and it is no longer is a breeding ground for fungus and pests.

Although the warm, dry climate we have here in Perth, WA is loved by many, it is not always ideal for gardens. This is why the reticulation system you have needs to be highly effective in providing your lawn, plants, and flowers with much-needed moisture and irrigation. 

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