Lawn and Ground maintenance

Keep Your Lawn and Garden Maintained for the Whole Year

Lawn and ground maintenance is necessary for maintaining the view of a facility’s outdoor environment. In a home garden, a good lawn improves the house’s appearance, enhances its beauty, and increases conveniences and usefulness, thus adding monetary value to the property. It provides a perfect place for a flower bed, a border, shrubbery, specimen tree, or flowering shrub. Just like lawns, grounds also provide a beautiful touch to your premises. Lawns and grounds are fruitful for every age group to relax and spend their time in nature. Maintaining a healthy landfill also benefits the environment. Unlike hard surfaces such as concrete and wood, lawn grass helps clean the air, trap carbon dioxide, reduce erosion from stormwater runoff, improve soil, and reduces temperatures. A good Lawn and Ground can benefit you with your health issues. You can exercise, play games, and perform different activities. These open structures (Lawns and Grounds) allow you to be with nature. 

Lawns and Grounds need a lot of attention. Without proper maintenance, they will turn into a total mess. The eye-catching structures of your faculty can turn into an eyesore if not maintained properly. But in this fast-paced world, who else wants to waste their precious time cutting grass and removing weeds from lawn and ground?

Bunny Garden: Why worry about maintaining the lawn and ground grass when we can maintain your property time to time.

Bunny Garden is the ultimate hub of professional gardeners and ground workers. The workers at Bunny Garden are committed to serving you with the most time-efficient and cost-effective maintenance services. While you would be busy doing your important work, we will remove all the unnecessary grass and obstacles from your lawn and ground. Our workers are well trained and honest about their work. We take pride in our work. Our workers are native farmers who know how to maintain lawns or grounds. Because of our dedicated work, we are the favorite destination for people looking for maintenance services. Lawn and Ground maintenance requires a lot of passion. Our workers love nature and are passionate about maintaining it.

Maintenance services we provide:

Female happily maintaining colourful garden
  • Daily Watering- We all know that watering the grass is inevitable. Your Lawn or ground can not last long without water. The best part of a lawn is its greenery. Your grass will lose its charm if not watered properly. We will ensure to take care of watering your grass timely and accurately. We know the process and use modern technology(Sprinkling) to water your lawn and ground grass.

  • Weeding- It is not obvious that only your desired grass will grow on your lawn. Some undesired plants known as weeds are real headaches. They can affect your greenery by stealing essential nutrients from the soil, which results in the dullness of the grass, and your lawn or ground will turn into a sterile piece of land. 

    At Bunny Gardens, we have native gardeners and workers who know everything about greenery. The best way to grub out the weed is using traditional tolls. Our workers grub out every single weed with this method which is the most accurate way of weeding the lawn or ground.

  • Mowing grass Weekly- Mowing is an important part of maintaining the lawn or ground. We mow your grass at least once a week in the spring and summer seasons. The mowing process can vary with change in season. We don’t allow your lawn grass to grow more than 5-6 cm. We use the best quality lawn mowers to mow your lawn and grounds. Our hardworking workers can mow your lawn all according to your needs.

  • Mulching the Lawn and Ground- Instead of throwing away the mowed grass, we spread it evenly to increase the fertility of your lawn or ground. If you don’t want to mulch your field, we will dispose of the grass according to your needs.

  • Sweeping- Sweeping the morning leaves or leftover grass is necessary for keeping your property clean.

  • Scraping- Continuous rolling and mowing may result in a hard crust, and the lower part of the lawn may get matted. For such a landfill, we scrap the grass at the ground level to release the tightness.

  • Top dressing the lawn and ground- After all the maintenance work, it is necessary to top dressing your fields for a better appearance. Our workers will dress your ground to increase fertility.