Landscape Design and Installation

Transform Any Space with Professional Landscape Design & Installation

Landscapes are a mixture of science and art. Designing a good landscape requires architectural knowledge and a creative mind. A Landscape gives a beautiful touch to your property, but landscapes are much more than the beautification of landfill. They can be a perfect place for relaxing, meditating, or practicing something. Landscapes are essential for the environment as it represents our culture and creativity. They let flora and fauna evolve in their natural inhabits.

Importance of Landscapes:

Preserves Nature- The best part of landscapes is that they preserve natural entities. Modern architecture is full of concrete and wooden floorings. We are lacking the natural touch in our daily routine. Installing a landscape in our property can reconnect us with nature and preserve the natural essentials.

Reduces pollution- In this industrial era, pollution is becoming more and more hazardous. Deforestation has put us in a position where it is difficult to breathe in cities and crowded places. Installing a landscape can help purify the air and reduce your health issues.

Protects Plants- Plants are a vital part of our life cycle. Landscaping allows different species of plants to grow in their natural habitat. They got enough water, good quality of soil, and sunlight to flourish and nurture. Landscaping also helps in protecting endangered plant species that carry medicinal properties.

Reduces Heat- Imagine an electricity cutoff in summers. A well-designed landscape can help you to reduce the warmth and provide you with a balanced temperature.

Water Management – We have been running out of wetlands for many years. But we can control the situation with the help of proper designs of landscapes. Wetlands are responsible for checking floods and managing biological diversity. Landscapes are a natural way to solve this issue.

Bunny Garden has been Designing and Installing different landscapes for many years. We have some experienced hands who know how to Design an iconic landscape according to your property. The creative minds of our workers understand the construction process of a landscape. They use maximum resources from nature. We can design different types of landscapes including-

Tree, Shrub, and Flowers Installation

Our design team meets with our clients in a plant nursery to guide them in choosing plants to integrate into their landscape. We take a survey of your environment and utilize a variety of herbs, shrubs, and trees in the designs. We select flowers that bloom at all times of the year. Alandscape full of flowers and shrubs attracts many beautiful birds and butterflies, bringing mother nature up close and personal for your viewing pleasure.

Mulching the Existing landscape- If you have a dying landscape or there is a water shortage in your area. We will put mulch in your existing garden beds to spruce your plantation. Mulch can be helpful in your landscapes. A layer of mulch can hold water for a long. Mulch creates a natural barrier that protects your plant’s roots from excessive rain and harsh wind. Mulch can control the greatest plant foes- Weeds. It reduces the amount of sunlight needed for a weed to grow.

Maintaining Vegetable Garden

Water Pond Design and Installation

If you have a water body in front of your home, we can transform it into a beautiful water pond. Our team of creative-minded gardeners can build an iconic pond out of natural resources by using a little bit of artificial material of your choice. Our workers are honest. They will finish the work in time with maximum efficiency, and the final transformation will surprise you. If you don’t have an existing water body, we can still design and construct an iconic pond for your landscape.

Different Gardens

While talking about landscape, we can’t forget about the gardens. Gardens come in different varieties, can be constructed easily, and are the most used examples of landscaping. We can design every type of garden. Whether it is a flower garden or a stone garden, we can construct it at affordable prices.

Special Monuments

Besides all the landscapes, some special monuments can enhance the appearance of your landscape. We put unique designs with simplicity in your monuments, which makes them the ultimate attention catchers.

At Bunny Garden, we believe in customers first. We take pride in our work and serve you accordingly. Our love of nature excites us to decorate and design your surrounding in an eco-friendly way. If you are confused about the designs and installation of the landscape, Contact us to get a free quote.