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Professional Gardening Services For Keeping Your Garden Healthy

Welcome to Bunny Garden, your one-stop professional garden services provider serving residents all around Toronto with garden maintenance, lawn mowing, and lawn care facilities. We help you maintain your lawns and gardens in luxuriant condition throughout the year by offering precise standard gardening solutions and services at reasonable pricing.

Worker mowing a Lawn with grass cutter

Garden Maintenance

It is essential to provide these magnificent landscapes with fast and efficient maintenance. BUNNY GARDEN can assist by providing you with the necessary solution and services you need to maintain your garden year-round when pruning, trimming, grass mowing, pest control, and treating the entire landscape garden become necessary.

Lawn Mowing

Services for lawn mowing help with landscaping and grass maintenance. By connecting with Bunny Garden, you can obtain lawn maintenance information based on weed removal, hedge trimming services, and any other requirement.


Vertimowing is a garden and lawn maintenance service that necessitates expertise and equipment of the highest caliber. You can get in touch with us and experience the potential upkeeping of your lawn or garden with Bunny Garden’s all-inclusive garden care solutions and services.

Lawn Aeration / Coring

Aeration of the Lawn or Lawn Aeration lowers soil compaction by allowing water, oxygen, and nutrients to permeate the root system, resulting in thicker, healthier lawn productivity. Bunny Garden furthermore offers throughout turf and lawn coring services.

Lawn Care & Weed Control

Bunny Garden offers a wide range of lawn care and weed control options as part of comprehensive lawn and garden care services. We also use golf course-quality fertilizer to boost your lawn’s productivity, resulting in keeping your grass lush, green, and healthy.


Bunny Garden’s advanced reticulation services offer comprehensive repair and installation services for both residential and commercial premises. We set up extensive irrigation and reticulation systems that effectively water gardens and lawns so they can tolerate scorching summers. To keep your garden healthy and stress-free, we also offer routine maintenance and repairs.

Over 15 years experience in the landscaping & turf industry!

Our Garden Services

With our 15 years of extensive landscaping & turf industry experience,  We at Bunny Garden understand the value of time-bound, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly gardening services. You can count on us for gardening services as our prime aim is to maintain our planet green and healthy. We constantly go above and above to apply conventional methods for weed management, pest control, and fertilization. If using chemicals is necessary, evaluate the garden and determine the optimum method for applying the richest, highest-quality fertilizers.

Lawn Aeration and Coring

Why Choose Us?

Connect with us to receive the benefits of our comprehensive and precise garden improvement solutions and services, and be a proud contributor to giving back to nature.

Expert Farmer

The skilled farmers at Bunny Garden have the potential to significantly increase your lawn or garden's output.

Home Gardening

Bunny Garden solutions and services can assist you in the home gardening of flowers, fruits, vegetables, or decorative plants for your own personal use.

Clean Working

With years of experience in the gardening sector, our professional gardening experts undertake every garden upkeeping project and complete it with the cleanest work approach.

Proper Take Care

Professional service providers at Bunny Garden take pride in successfully serving 4,221 sites and making 3,863 follow-up support visits to recipients after distributing lawn and garden maintenance services with proper take care.

Potted flowers and gardening tools in a cart
Quality Product Logo

Quality Products

What makes Bunny Garden stand out from the ordinary is the use of a knowledge-driven work approach and the use of top-quality products in accordance with the lawn and garden betterment services.

Fast response time and perfect service

Perfect Service

We are the leading lawn and garden upkeeping company and our reputation is supported by the positive testimonials of our loyal customers who continue to seek out our Perfect Services.

Logo Hundred Percent Natural

100% Natural

With regard to horticulture, Bunny Garden is a trustworthy business that has always given its customers the most genuine lawn and garden care while utilizing only all-natural substances, whether they are fertilizers, pesticides, manure, or any other utility.

Environmentally Friendly Logo

Environmentally friendly

Our primary objective is to keep the environment green and healthy. As a result, we always embrace conventional methods when managing weeds, pest controlling, and applying natural fertilizers. You can count on us to provide environmentally friendly gardening services.

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Honest, Reliable and Friendly Garden Services in Toronto

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