Garden Design and Construction

Our Unique Garden Designs and Construction Approach

At present, everyone wants their gardens to be an extension of their homes. A place where they can relax and entertain guests. Gardens are like the soul of a house. Who else doesn’t want a garden that catches everyone’s attention? The freshness and positivity in the morning boost your mood and thus enhances your productivity for the whole day. Having a garden can bring many benefits to your life. It can provide you with fresh produce, help you get some exercise, and even give you a place to relax. If you have a garden, you can consume your self-grown healthy fruits and vegetables. There’s nothing quite like eating something that you know is naturally ripened. So it’s no surprise that garden design and construction is a booming industry. Having a garden can also be a great way to relax. Spending time in nature has been shown to reduce stress and improve mental well-being. If you’re looking for a way to unwind, consider spending some time in your garden. 

Construction process

Gardening is a beneficial process. But to make an iconic garden requires a lot of energy and time. Constructing your garden is also a heavy-material job. Cleaning the area, dealing with the landscape, preparing the soil, bringing the fertilizers, and other gardening tasks need some backbreaking work hours. Designing and constructing a new garden requires a lot of effort and equipment. When designing, a lot of experience, knowledge, and creativity is necessary. Plus, you will need to ensure that your garden is safe from intruders like deers and rabbits.

Bunny Garden: If you are a citizen of Perth, WA, you would definitely know the value of a good garden. Our experienced farmers of Bunny Gardens are devoted to blessing your homes with unique and peaceful garden designs. Our experience and energetic workers and farmers have constructed a lot of residential and commercial gardens. The design style of our designers is so unique. If you have an imagination about garden design in your mind, tell our professional designers, and we will turn your idea into reality. 

We only use eco-friendly materials to make your garden. The materials are of natural resources, that’s why they are not expensive. 

Rought design for a garden construction

Type of gardens we construct

  1. Flower Gardens- Shrubs, trees, and flowers are the main components of a flower garden. The proper path formatting and installing the lamp post are necessary to make a beautiful flower garden. We make a design for your garden in a way that fits your house style and surrounding. The quality paths and lamps at the right distance will enhance your flower garden’s appearance.
  2. Wood Land-  Wood Land gardens are much more relaxing than any other garden type. This type of garden use wood material. Woodland gardens’ paths curve around rather than run straight. There will be either grass or mulch on the runway, not pavement. Plants in a woodland garden are supposed to be in their original habitat. So we use the existing resources to make a wonderful garden.
  3. Rock Garden- As the name says, Rock gardens are beautiful structures of rocks. Our gardeners and workers have unique techniques to design your Rock Garden in an iconic way. Rock gardens need a lot of hard work because of the heavy weight of the stones and rocks. Our tough workers can easily place them over other rocks or chisel them into beautiful structures.
  4. Water Garden- Water with nature! Isn’t it a lovely combination? We can design and construct your water garden just as you want it. We will prepare your water garden in time and cost-effectively.

    Special gardens we design and construct:

    Vegetable and herbs garden- In this world of impurities literally in everything, a vegetable and herb garden can help you enjoy some pure and healthy vegetables or fruits. It takes a little hard work to prepare your garden for pure vegetables. But if you are allergic to the soil, we will recommend you to hire a Gardener from Bunny Gardens. Our workers are nature lovers and know how to decorate your garden with plants. 
    Roof Gardens- If you have been planning to construct a garden on your roof, our workers are the best choice because of our work experience and knowledge in the gardening field.

How we work:

 After you contact us, we will get an idea about the type, size, and location of your garden. Then we will provide you with a free quote. After that, we will organize a meeting at your house to survey your surrounding. Then our experienced workers will tell you about the time and resources needed for your project. If the estimate satisfies you, we will draw a rough design of your garden on paper.

Our gardeners and workers will start the work according to the time you provide. From materials to plants and fertilizers, we will bring everything with us. We will construct a security system( fences, pest killer) to protect your plants. Our team will construct your dream garden without charging you a lot of money.

Trimming tree branches with a chain saw